.Dena Publishing (The Netherlands)

Dena Publishing Center began publishing and selling books in 1995 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The purpose of the establishment of Dena publishing center was the publication of books whose authors were in exile, or books that were not allowed to be published in Iran due to censorship.

Despite the limited publication of the books, Dena as the only Persian-language bookseller in the Netherlands, played a significant role in the availability of Persian books for Iranians living in the Netherlands, and would be particularly suitable for exchanging ideas.

Dena Publishing has established its webshop in 2004, and has been linked with its audience and clients since 2013.

.Dena Publishing (The Netherlands)

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.سرچشمه ها <> Sarcheshmeh ha


بازخوانی کتاب تمهیدات عین القضات
و تاملی بر تاریخ بیهقی و متنهای دیگر

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