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Welcome to the website of Dena Publishing online store.All people who directly or indirectly (registered or unregistered) who use the content of Dena website must fully accept the following conditions. The content of this page and the terms and conditions of use of the website may change at any time.Although the content of this website is trustworthy, we do not guarantee that this website and its content will be free of errors. Therefore, we are not responsible for the use of its content in any case. All external links provided are for informational purposes only and this website is not responsible for their content.Legal ownershipAll material and intellectual rights of this website and its content, including copyright, are reserved by us. Copying it by mentioning the address of Dena Publishing website and also obtaining permission from the webmaster through the contact form is unrestricted.


Privacy of individuals

None of the sensitive information entered on this website (including addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc.) will be published and will be fully protected by us. In cases where the user has commented on a part of the site with his original name, it will obviously be displayed publicly with the same name in the comments section. Dena online store is not responsible for the correctness or inaccuracy of the comments published in this section, and displaying users’ comments on the site does not in any way imply endorsement of the contents of the comments.


Using Dena online store means that you fully agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are based on existing laws and regulations in e-commerce and in full compliance with all laws Coordination Group Zelfreguleringsoverleg (CZ)  done.

Only Dutch law applies to agreements concluded between Dena Publishing and the buyer. All disputes between the parties are referred exclusively to the competent court in the Netherlands.


Article 1- Price:                                                     

  1. The price of all products that can be ordered through this site is in Euros and includes 9% VAT. Unless otherwise stated. Shipping fees are free of VAT.
  2. The prices of the goods listed on this website may change for any reason (including changes in the publisher’s price and exchange rate changes).
  3. If there is a difference in the price of the goods you ordered before sending, we will contact you and you can cancel or confirm your order. If we can not contact you, we will cancel the order.


Article 2 – User or buyer:

  1. The customer or user is a person who registers an order or any use of the Dena publishing site with his user information that he has entered in the registration form.
  2. Because Dena Publishing e-shop is an online sales website and in accordance with Dutch e-commerce regulations Coordination Group Zelfreguleringsoverleg (CZ) and the Consumer Protection Act requires the legal sale of goods.
  3. The buyer is also obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If there are any changes in the rules, procedures and services of Dena site in the future, it will be published and updated on this page. You hereby agree that continued use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of any such changes.
  4. Profiles of people can not be transferred to another or shared with others. Nor can it be used to impersonate.

E- By confirming these terms and conditions, you agree that you have provided us with accurate and non-fake profile information (such as name, valid e-mail addresses and postal address of your place of delivery) as well as payment information. No action will be taken on your purchase request if you provide inaccurate or false information.

  1. Dena Publishing Policy does not sell goods to children. Selling products for children is also possible only by adults.


Article 3- Ordering process:

  1. After receiving the order of the goods, we will send you a confirmation email with a summary of the order.

Your order may not be accepted in the following cases:

– Lack of inventory of a product

– Failure to receive the amount of goods

– Failure to comply with one or more of the provisions of the “Terms and Conditions”

If there is any problem with your order, we will try to contact you by email or phone.

  1. Adding goods to the shopping cart does not mean reserving the goods and does not create any rights for the buyer. Also, before the final registration, any changes, including changes in inventory or price, will be applied to the goods added to the cart. Therefore, buyers who are willing and determined to buy definitively, it is recommended to finalize their order as soon as possible so as not to run out of stock or change the price of goods. Obviously, the seller has no responsibility for the goods left in the cart.


Article 4- Payment

  1. Payment for purchased goods is only possible through online payment gateways (such as credit card, PayPal and IDEAL). Other types of payments, including on-site or card-to-card payments, and crypto currency is not possible.
  2. Dena website is only connected to the payment gateways mentioned on the site and is not responsible for payments from other portals.
  3. The cases related to the payment process are the responsibility of the above-mentioned companies and Dena is not responsible for the origin of the funds.


Article 5 – Sending and delivery

  1. Our goal is to deliver the goods as soon as possible. Delivery in the Netherlands is usually one to three business days, delivery in European countries is usually three to seven business days, and in other parts of the world it varies according to the distance of each country from the Netherlands. Exceeding any delivery period does not give the buyer the right to compensation.
  2. If the requested product is not in stock, it may take several weeks to prepare it again. In this case, we will contact you. You can cancel your order or confirm the wait until delivery.
  3. If the seller, for reasons beyond his control, is not able to deliver the goods on time and the parties do not agree on a new date, each party has the right to cancel the order at no cost.
  4. In some cases, due to subsequent orders, we may receive another edition of a book whose appearance (such as the book cover) is different from what is in the site image, but the content will not change.

F- In cases where due to natural disasters and other unforeseen cases, the delivery of goods is encountered, the parties will reach a new agreement for delivery.


Article 6 – Cancellation of the order:

If the seller, for reasons beyond his control, is not able to deliver the goods on time and the parties do not agree on a new date, each party has the right to cancel the order at no cost.



Article 7- Commodity deficit:

The buyer must check his delivery package within 24 hours and notify us by email of any deficiencies or defects. Dena Publishing will not accept responsibility for any deficiencies that have not been reported within 24 hours.


Article 8- Return of goods:

  1. If the purchased goods are inconsistent with the original order, the buyer can return within fourteen days after the date of purchase. After the expiration of this period, the goods will be considered accepted by the buyer.

Half of the buyer’s return cost will be paid back, but the original shipping cost will not be refunded. The original package and the complete specifications of the sender must be included with the return package.

  1. In case of receiving incorrect or damaged goods, you can return them for a full refund, including shipping costs. Please indicate the reason for the return, your invoice number and telephone number, and specify whether you need a refund or a replacement item. Of course, notification and delivery must be done within fourteen days.
  2. Returned goods must be returned to us as you received them. Damage is the responsibility of the buyer due to lack of proper packaging.
  3. Dena Publishing does not guarantee that the descriptions of the product or other content on the site are error free. If the offered product has any discrepancy with the information posted on the site, the buyer can return the product before use and in the original condition.


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