Gharn-e man

قرن من


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Book number: 6244 Book Author: Grass, Gunter (گراس، گونتر )ISBN: 964-718-802-1 Categories: ,
Additional Information
Book Number 6244
Original title My century
Book Author Grass, Gunter
Compiler -
Translator Dariush, Roshanak
Category ,
ISBN 964-718-802-1
Publisher Digar
Published place Tehran
Published date 1379
Edition First Edition
Volume 1
Cover type Soft cover
Pages 388
نام کتاب قرن من
نویسنده/مولف گراس، گونتر
نام مترجم داریوش، روشنک
نام ناشر دیگر
گردآورنده -
تاریخ انتشار 1379
محل انتشار Tehran
تعداد جلد 1
تعداد صفحات 388
نوع-جلد جلد نرم
شابک 964-718-802-1

قرن من

داستان های آلمانی. این کتاب مجموعه ای از نوشته های کوتاه است که هرکدام به یک سال از قرن بیستم می نگرد. هر قطعه زبان خاص خودش را دارد. در لابه لای این قطعه ها، خود گراس از زندگی خودش، وقایع اجتماعی، و علایق خودش می گوید..

قرن من آخرین اثر منتشر شده‌ی گونترگراس، نویسنده‌ی معاصر آلمانی است که جایزه‌ی نوبل ادبیات 1999 را از آن خود کرد. این کتاب مجموعه‌ای است از 100 تصویر، که هریک به شیوه‌ای خاص واقعه‌ای مهم از یک سال از سال‌های قرن بیستم را زنده می‌کند. صد قصه برای صد سال، هریک با زبان و سبک و سیاق متفاوت اما هم‌آهنگ و یک‌دست.

Gharn-e man

Perhaps it`s fitting that the 1999 winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Günter Grass, should be the one to see the old millennium out in style. His My Century is comprised of 100 short chapters, one for each year of the 20th century, each told by a different narrator. And of course, since Grass is German, the century he refers to is German as well–a fact that could prove a little daunting to readers not familiar with the intricacies of that country`s history. `1900,` for example, throws us smack in the middle of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion from a German soldier`s point of view. `1903` jumps us into the head of a young student who, clad in a new boater, admires the first Zeppelin, buys a copy of Thomas Mann`s latest book, Buddenbrooks, and attends the launching of the world`s largest ship, Imperator, among other historical events. `1904` is concerned with a miners` strike and `1906` is all about German-Moroccan foreign relations. Yet as year succumbs to year and one narrative voice piles on top of the next, My Century becomes more than the sum of its parts. And Grass always manages to surprise. The chapters `1914` through `1918,` for example, rather than being narrated by the usual suspects–young soldiers in the trenches, worried mothers at home, embittered war widows or shell-shocked veterans–are relayed by a `60s-era young woman who brings two great German chroniclers of the war together. As the now-elderly Erich Maria Remarque (All Quiet on the Western Front) and Ernst Jünger (On the Marble Cliffs) meet and spar over the course of several meals, their reminiscences of the Great War present two radically different views. Jünger, for example, says: `I can state without compunction: As the years went by, the flame of the prolonged battle produced an increasingly pure and valiant warrior caste…` Remarque`s response is to laugh in Jünger`s face:

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