Shafa, Shojaeddin


Shojauddin Shafa, a famous Iranian writer, researcher and translator, was born in 1297 in Qom. After completing his primary and secondary education in Qom and Tehran, he went to the University of Tehran and received a bachelor’s degree in Persian literature, and then went to Beirut and France to continue his studies and continued his studies in the field of literature.
Shafa continued his higher education in Persian literature after the University of Tehran, in Beirut and Paris, and received his doctorate.
Prior to the revolution, he held various scientific and cultural positions, including director of the Pahlavi National Library, secretary general of the International Association of Iranian Studies, and cultural deputy of the imperial court.
Dozens of books and hundreds of research articles have been published by Shojauddin Shafa, some of which include “The World of Iranian Studies”, “Encyclopedia of Iran’s Cultural Relations with the World from the Beginning to the Present”, “Another Birth” on the History of the Islamic Republic and History Islam, “After 1400 Years”, and “From Klini to Khomeini”, “Fighting the Devil”, “Crime and Punishment”, “Iran and Spain”, and “Human Rights, the Law of Testicles and the Atomic Bomb”.
Some of the most famous translations of Shafa into Persian include Dante’s Divine Comedy, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Goethe’s Oriental Divan, and Lamartine’s Poetic Songs.
Shuja al-Din Shafa emigrated to Paris on the eve of the revolution and spent the rest of his life there.
He was awarded the French Legion of Donor, the German Cross of Merit, the Victorian Medal from Britain, and dozens of medals and cultural medals from other countries.
Shojauddin Shafa died in Paris on the evening of April 17th.
Shafa was 92 years old at the time of his death and was suffering from a long illness.

Shafa, Shojaeddin

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