Etesami, Parvin


Rakhshandeh E’tesami, popularly known as Parvin E’tesami, one of the most famous contemporary Iranian poets, who has been described as “the most famous female poet of Iran was born in the city of Tabriz on March 17, 1906 CE. Her father was one of the most famous scientists, orators, and translators of his time from whom she learned Persian and Arabic literature.

She began to show her talent in poetry by composing a number of poems when she was only 7 years old. Parvin E’tesami’s poems are mostly about social issues, oppression, mass poverty, which have been presented in the form of advice and stories, especially in the form of debates.

The only published work of Parvin E’tesami is her Divan, which comprises 606 poems in the form of Mathnavi, pieces, and odes. Since 2004 a Film Festival, named after Parvin E’tesami is being organized every year in which films on women participate. Also, the birthday of this famous Iranian poet has been named as “Parvin E’tesami Commemoration Day” in the official calendar of Iran.

Parvin E’tesami’s house in Tabriz has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran and has been turned into Parvin E’tesami Museum, in which some of her personal belongings and books are preserved. Parvin E’tesami passed away due to typhoid on April 5, 1941 CE, and was buried next to her father in their family tomb in the shrine of Hazrat Fatemeh Masoumeh (sa) in Qom.

Etesami, Parvin

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