Capacchione, Lucia


Dr. Capacchione is an art therapist and bestselling author. She was an early pioneer in Journal Therapy, Inner Child Work & Expressive Arts Therapy in the 1970’s. During her extensive career, she has originated unique approaches to well-being and creativity. Her original Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJEA) method is used internationally in mental health care, addiction treatment, body-mind healing, education, life & career coaching, creativity, spiritual guidance, education, and more.

What is Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJEA)?

CJEA is a method with simple tools for any process of healing, creativity, and life Visioning®.

Who is CJEA for?

If you can hold a crayon, you can do this work.

All ages, from toddlers to seniors.

All populations, regardless of your zip code or community.

The CJEA Creative Journal Expressive Arts Method includes:

– The Creative Journal Method (1976)

– Inner Child Reparenting Method (1976)

– Whole-Brain Two-Handed Method (1976)

– Body-Mind Healing-Arts Method (1980)

– Visioning® Method (1994)

CJEA Methods use a drugless prescriptive approach, guiding individuals with prompts tailored to their needs. Dr. Capacchione’s time-tested methods offer empowering tools for healing and realizing one’s true heart’s desire. CJEA methods are accessible to people of all ages in Dr. Capacchione’s 23 books (translated into 20 different languages).

Dr. Capacchione offers a certification program in her CJEA Method for professionals and practitioners. There are seventy certified CJEA practitioners applying her methods worldwide.

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Capacchione, Lucia

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