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برنده نوبل ادبی ۱۹۹۸

Additional Information
Original title Ensaio sobre a cegueira
Book Author Saramago, José
Translator Azarsakht, Heshmatolah
Publisher Navid-e Sobh Publication
Published place Tehran
Published date 1397
Edition First Edition
Cover type paperback
Pages 336
Weight 305
Dimensions 21.2 × 14.7 × 1.2 cm
Language persian
Agegroup Adults
نویسنده/مولف ساراماگو، ژوزه
نام ناشر نوید صبح
تاریخ انتشار 1397
محل انتشار Tehran
گروه سنی بزرگسالان
تعداد صفحات 336
زبان فارسی
شابک 978-600-862643-5


رمان کوری، حکایت شیوع یک نابینایی جمعی و ناشناخته در شهری بی نام و نشان، و اثرات اجتماعی متعاقب آن است. رمان، داستان بداقبالی های چند شخصیت را پی گرفته که جزو اولین نفرات مبتلا شده به این بیماری هستند و بر دکتر، همسرش، چند تن از بیمارانش و افراد گوناگون دیگری تمرکز دارد که شانس و سرنوشت، آن ها را در کنار هم قرار داده است. این افراد، پس از سپری کردن دوران طولانی و رنج آور قرنطینه در یک آسایشگاه، با هم ارتباطی صمیمی شکل داده و به مانند اعضای یک خانواده، با استفاده از هوش و قدرت بینایی همسر دکتر[که به شکل عجیبی از بیماری مصون مانده است]تلاش می کنند تا از این شرایط سخت، جان سالم به در ببرند. شیوع ناگهانی و منشأ ناشناخته ی این کوری، باعث هراس و وحشتی گسترده بین مردم شده و همزمان با تلاش های حکومت برای محدود کردن سرایت بیماری و برقراری نظم با روش های سرکوب گرانه، جامعه روال عادی خود را از دست داده و وارد آشوب می شود. اولین بخش رمان، تجارب شخصیت های اصلی در آسایشگاهی کثیف و بیش از حد شلوغ به همراه سایر افراد کور و قرنطینه شده را دنبال می کند. بهداشت، شرایط زندگی و اخلاقیات در زمان بسیار کوتاهی به شدت تنزل پیدا می کند که منعکس کننده ی اوضاع و احوال زندگی در بیرون آسایشگاه نیز هست. رمان کوری که داستان کهن شیوع یک بیماری همه گیر را بن مایه ی خود قرار داده است، ترس ها و فجایع قرن بیستم را به شکلی بسیار ملموس به تصویر کشیده و درکی عمیق از نقاط ضعف و قوت روح آدمی را برای مخاطب خود به ارمغان می آورد

Blindness is the story of an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness afflicting nearly everyone in an unnamed city, and the social breakdown that swiftly follows. The novel follows the misfortune of a handful of unnamed characters who are among the first to be stricken with blindness, including an ophthalmologist, several of his patients, and assorted others, who are thrown together by chance. The ophthalmologist’s spouse, ”the doctor’s wife,” is inexplicably immune to the blindness. After a lengthy and traumatic quarantine in an asylum, the group bands together in a family-like unit to survive by their wits and by the good fortune that the doctor’s wife has escaped the blindness. The sudden onset and unexplained origin and nature of the blindness cause widespread panic, and the social order rapidly unravels as the government attempts to contain the apparent contagion and keep order via increasingly repressive and inept measures.

The first part of the novel follows the experiences of the central characters in the filthy, overcrowded asylum where they and other blind people have been quarantined. Hygiene, living conditions, and morale degrade horrifically in a very short period, mirroring the society outside.

Anxiety over the availability of food, caused by delivery irregularities, acts to undermine solidarity; and lack of organization prevents the internees from fairly distributing food or chores. Soldiers assigned to guard the asylum and look after the well-being of the internees become increasingly antipathetic as one soldier after another becomes infected. The military refuses to allow basic medicine to be delivered, which ensures that a simple infection becomes deadly. Fearing an imminent escape, soldiers shoot down a crowd of internees waiting for a food delivery.

Conditions degenerate further as an armed clique gains control over food deliveries, subjugating their fellow internees and exposing them to violent assault, rape, and deprivation. Faced with starvation, internees battle each other and burn down the asylum, only to discover that the army has abandoned the asylum, after which the protagonists join the throngs of nearly helpless blind people outside who wander the devastated city and fight one another to survive.

The story then follows the doctor’s wife, her husband, and their impromptu “family” as they attempt to survive outside, cared for largely by the doctor’s wife, who can still see (though she must hide this fact at first). At this point, the breakdown of society is near total. Law and order, social services, government, schools, etc., no longer function. Families have been separated and cannot find one another. People squat in abandoned buildings and scrounge for food. Violence, disease, and despair threaten to overwhelm human coping. The doctor and his wife and their new “family” eventually make a permanent home in the doctor’s house and are establishing a new order to their lives when the blindness lifts from the city en masse just as suddenly and inexplicably as it struck.

(From: Wikipedia)

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