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فرستادگان نور


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Original title Emissary of light
Translator bayat, Maryam
Publisher Sokhan Publication
Published place Tehran
Published date 1382
Edition First Edition
Volume 1
Pages 314
Weight 520
Dimensions N/A
نام کتاب فرستادگان نور
نام ناشر سخن
تاریخ انتشار 1382
محل انتشار Tehran
تعداد جلد 1
تعداد صفحات 314
شابک 964-372-012-9

فرستادگان نور

جیمی بود و گیتارش و سفرهایش: می نواخت، میخواند و در جاده ها از جایی به جایی می رفت. در آستانه یکی از سفرهایش به اروپا، نسخه ای شامل 12 دعا متعلق به دوازده دین مهم دنیا بدستش افتاد و چنان شیفته آنها شد که یک روزه برای همه آنها آهنگ ساخت و نواخت. در این سفر جیمی از بوسنی و کرواسی جنگ زده سر درآورد. حادثه پشت حادثه او را به جایی برد که باید میبرد. سرانجام، به جماعتی برخورد که اوقات خود را رازورانه به مراقبه و امور معنوی میگذراند. مقدر بود که پرچمدار این نهضت جیمی باشد. حوادث این سیر و سلوک تار و پود ماجراهای این کتاب را میسازد.

We have all been gifted with eternal moments, commonly sparked beneath the same mantle of sky — moments when we felt suffused with God`s peace, immersed in the certainty that all is as it should be and nothing can change the truth of things. Occasionally, our common sky holds out one star whose pulse ignites more peace-lit moments than its neighbors. Just such a star, ascendant on the New Age horizon, is Jimmy Twyman`s book, `Emissary of Light.` It chronicles Peace Troubadour Twyman`s unexplainable compulsion to bring his Peace Concert to war-ravaged Bosnia-Croatia, and the extraordinary events that unfold when he finally arrives. From the moment he leaves Italy, the synchronicities urging him on begin to accelerate at an alarming rate, until he finds himself secluded in a mountainous terrain, at the mercy of strangers, on the very border between Bosnia and Croatia. Into the thick of the fighting, staring straight in the face of the Bosnian Serb Army, Jimmy is led to a mythical, mystic community of peacemakers called The Emissaries of Light. For countless centuries, The Emissaries have secretly kept humanity from self-annihilation by extending Divine Light. Jimmy lives with The Emissaries, joins their intensive meditations, receives practical instruction and amazingly is entrusted with their peace-invoking secrets. It is time, they explain, for the world to learn of their work and Jimmy has been summoned as the one to reveal their story. Then suddenly, with the tumult of exploding bombs behind him, Jimmy is escorted to Rijeka and boarded on a plane bound for Chicago. But the saga does not end here, for he returns again, performs The Peace Concert in Sarajevo and narrowly escapes an assassination attempt. What follows remains for the reader to discover. As a simple Indiana Jones-like adventure, `Emissary` comes out a winner with just the right blend of action and suspense to keep the reader wholly absorbed. But the content of this tale is so much larger than its wrappings. Framed within the adventure is a message that opens wide any light-seeker`s understanding. The importance of releasing fear and stepping into the present`s light, where no past or future casts a shadow on truth, is reinforced again and again in every chapter. Danger encroaches upon Jimmy and The Emissaries from all sides, but never grabs hold. As they stand firmly rooted in the light of truth, only truth can be seen, and approaching shadows melt shined away at their feet. The Emissaries remind Jimmy to stay presently receptive and demonstrate how Love`s extension is accomplished through clear vision. Jimmy has come already supplied with the philosophy that Love is the only reality and The Emissaries clarify for him how to live that ideal daily. Behind the smokescreen of our judgements, the only thing we experience in truth is Love`s Light. There is nothing else to be felt. By letting go of all distorting labels such as pain, anger, grief, consolation, pleasure and even happiness, we are freed to purely access the only energy there is and use it to create as we are in Love created. Thus do we peel away the last masks of illusion and return safely home where our real identity has always been known. What other path to peace could there be? For all the light it sheds, `Emissary` is not a flashy book. Jimmy`s homespun style includes the reader, invites all onlookers to join him on his journey, to sit back with him and enjoy the ride. `I`m no different than you,` he tells us and we believe him. Therein flames the hope his words emblaze forever in our hearts. Twyman and his Emissaries gently restore us with a sense of purpose, a job to do and a function to fulfill. We come away from his book assured that each of us has a vital and indispensable contribution to make. He convinces us that peace is not the idle pipedream of mystics and poets, or a political game reserved for power players only, but the result of everyhuman`s personal quest to uncover the impersonal already realized within his/her very core. Jimmy`s passion for peace is contagious and leaves no one untouched by its transforming grace.

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