Dayere-e gachy-e ghafghazi

دایره گچی قفقازی


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Book number: 6398 Book Author: Beresht, B. (برشت، برتولت )ISBN: 964-919-452-5 Categories: ,
Additional Information
Book Number 6398
Original title The chalky Qafqazian circle
Book Author Beresht, B.
Compiler -
Translator Samandarian, Hamid
Category ,
ISBN 964-919-452-5
Publisher Ketab o farhang
Published place Tehran
Published date 1377
Edition Fourth Edition
Volume 1
Cover type Soft cover
Pages 144
Language Farsi
نام کتاب دایره گچی قفقازی
نویسنده/مولف برشت، برتولت
نام مترجم سمندریان، حمید
نام ناشر کتاب و فرهنگ
گردآورنده -
تاریخ انتشار 1377
محل انتشار Tehran
تعداد جلد 1
تعداد صفحات 144
زبان فارسی
نوع-جلد جلد نرم
شابک 964-919-452-5

دایره گچی قفقازی

ترجمه اشعار:فروغ فرخزاد

Dayere-e gachy-e ghafghazi

A play consisting of a prologue and five scenes by Bertolt Brecht, first produced in English in 1948 and in German as Der kaukasische Kreidekreis in 1949. The work is based on the German writer Klabund`s play Der Kreidekreis (1924), itself a translation and adaptation of a Chinese play from the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368). Brecht`s play is set within the context of a dispute over land claimed by two communes in the Soviet Union after World War II. The main action of the play consists of a parable that is performed to celebrate the decision in the dispute. The parable, set during a feudal insurrection in the 13th century, concerns the struggle of two women over the custody of a child. The dispute between the governor`s wife, who abandoned the child, and the young servant who saved the child and cared for him is settled by an eccentric judge who places the child in a chalk circle and declares that whichever woman can pull him from the circle will be granted custody. When the servant, not wanting to harm the child, lets the governor`s wife have him, she is awarded the child, having demonstrated greater love than the natural mother.

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