Bar-e Hasti

بار هستی


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Book number: 6168 Book Author: Kundera, Milan (کوندرا، میلان )ISBN: 964-557-034-4 Categories: ,
Additional Information
Book Number 6168
Original title The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Book Author Kundera, Milan
Compiler -
Translator Homayoun pour, Parviz
Category ,
ISBN 964-557-034-4
Publisher Goftar
Published place Tehran
Published date 1378
Edition Nineth Edition
Volume 1
Pages 332
نام کتاب بار هستی
نویسنده/مولف کوندرا، میلان
نام ناشر گفتار
گردآورنده -
تاریخ انتشار 1378
محل انتشار Tehran
تعداد جلد 1
تعداد صفحات 332
شابک 964-557-034-4

بار هستی

بار هستی آخرین اثر نویسنده در باره زندگی انسان و فاجعه تنهایی او در جهان است

تفکر و کاوش در باره زندگی انسان و فاجعه تنهایی او در جهان است

Bar-e Hasti

Jonathan Oliver employs a husky-voiced tone that proves the right match for this darkish story, one that requires of listeners a dollop of patience. Set first in Czechoslovakia, then in Switzerland, Kundera`s story tells the sometimes laborious story of a womanizing Czech surgeon forced to flee the Russian invasion and take on menial roles, giving his passion for the flesh a slighly different perspective, as he is no longer a doctor but just a window-washer. His relationship with this current female-of-choice, the interesting and puzzling Tereza, is at the center of the novel. Oliver is good, very good, pausing with great effect, having just the right amount of low-key drama and contemplative musing in his narration. He`s a good fit for a book that not everyone will like, but those who stay the course will generally be pleased they did

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