Adat mikonim

عادت می کنیم


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Book number: 6792 Book Author: Pirzad, Zoya (پیرزاد، زویا )ISBN: 798-964305-798-5 Categories: , Tags: , , ,
Additional Information
Book Number 6792
Original title We`ll get used to it
Book Author Pirzad, Zoya
Compiler -
Translator -
Category ,
ISBN 798-964305-798-5
Publisher Markaz Publishing
Published place Tehran
Published date 1399
Edition 69th
Volume 1
Cover type Clifone
Pages 266
Weight 255
Language Farsi
Agegroup Adults
نام کتاب عادت می کنیم
نویسنده/مولف پیرزاد، زویا
نام مترجم -
نام ناشر مرکز
گردآورنده -
تاریخ انتشار 1399
محل انتشار Tehran
گروه سنی بزرگسالان
تعداد جلد 1
تعداد صفحات 266
زبان فارسی
نوع-جلد سلیفون (جلد مقوایی با روکش)
شابک 798-964305-798-5

عادت می کنیم

رمانی که شاید یک شاهکار ادبی نباشند، اما ساده و سرراست است و مثل `چراغ‌ها را من خاموش می‌کنم`، رمان قبلی پیرزاد، برداشت احتمالا غبار گرفته‌ی خواننده از زندگی و آدم‌هایش را، به مرور و با دقت، با تصویرسازی‌های واقع‌گرایانه‌اش اصلاح می‌کند. رمان جذابی که حتی اگر خودت با یکی از شخصیت‌هایش هم‌ذات پنداری نکنی، لااقل چند تایی از دور و بری‌هایت را بین آنها پیدا می‌کنی

Zoya Pirzad`s latest novel is most likely to be equally welcomed in view of reflecting the writer`s particular outlook. Pirzad`s last novel, dubbed `We Get Used to It` is the familiar story of the individuals encountered in everyday life and the continuous reasonable trend of her former short stories ranging from `Like All Ages` to `One Day Before Easter`. Her last two novels appear to be more integrated on account of the experience gained through writing for several years. Besides giving more attention to details and focusing on the characters attitudes and thoughts play a crucial role in making them more successful compared to her short stories. In her two recent novels, the writer had a better opportunity to introduce the readers to the main characters due to their length.
The main advantage of `We Get Used to It` is associated with the thorough description of the characters. The reader gets introduced to three characters, namely three women from one family including the grandmother, mother and daughter. More focus has been placed on the character of the mother named Arezou, a 41-year old divorcee facing women from two different generations, that of her daughter and her mother`s

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