Ravani pour, Monirou


Moniro Ravanipour, an Iranian-American author, was born in Jofreh, a village on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Her birthplace has had a substantial impact on her writing career. In addition to children’s stories, Ravanipour has written many short stories, several novels, and a few screenplays. Her short stories have been translated into many languages. Ravanipour’s short stories have been published in PEN America, World Literature Today, and CONSEQUENCE Magazine. She has also had presentations all around the world, in countries such as Germany(House of World culture-3 times. Berlin Conference 2000 and Goethe Institute), France(La Maison des Ecrivains 2000), Italy(Florence), Sweden(Gothenburg Cultural Festival for Art and culture -2 times), England, Turkey, Canada, and in more than thirty-two-state in the United States. She received fellowships from Brown University and BMI (Black Mountain Institute) at the University of Nevada.

While her works are banned in her former country, she has been publishing her books on Amazon since 2015. Recently, she started publishing the English translation of her books on Amazon. On her author page, you can find her books in Farsi and English. Moniro moved to the United States in 2007 and now lives in Henderson, Nevada.

Ravani pour, Monirou

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