Nafisy, Majid


Majid Naficy (Persian: مجید نفیسی; born February 22, 1952), also spelled “Majid Nafisi” and “Madjid Nafissi,” is an Iranian-American poet. He was the youngest member of the literary circle Jong-e Isfahan and considered the Arthur Rimbaud of Persian poetry in late 1960s in Iran. He was a member of the Confederation of Iranian Students in Los Angeles in 1971, and a member of the independent Marxist Peykar Organization after the Iranian Revolution from August 1979 until spring 1982.

At the time when most Iranian leftist organizations supported Khomeini’s takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran and waging war with Iraq, Peykar Organization stood out by opposing these policies. Majid Naficy was the writer of two crucial articles in Weekly Peykar against taking hostage the personnel of the American Embassy in Tehran; The Zigzags of the Counter-Revolution (that is, the Khomeini regime) and Their One-Sided Reflections Within the Ranks of the Revolution (Weekly Peykar, Appendix to No. 34, December 16, 1979) and Iran-Iraq War Is Not in the Interests of the Masses of Two Countries against Iran-Iraq war (Weekly Peykar, Appendix to No. 73, September 23, 1980).

In April 1983, a year and a half after the execution of his wife Ezzat Tabaian in Evin Prison, he fled Iran to Turkey on horseback. Naficy finally moved to Los Angeles, California in May 1984, revisiting his politics, returning to poetry, co-founding a group of Los Angeles-based exile Iranian poets and writers called Saturday Notebooks, or simply Saturday Sessions and co-editing the literary journal of Iranian Writers’ Association in Exile and the poetry section of Arash magazine published by Parviz Ghelichkhani in Paris. He continues to write and publish poetry and nonfiction both in Persian and English and participates in human rights activities mostly related to Iran and America.

(From: Wikipedia)

Nafisy, Majid

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