Glass, Lillian


Dr. Lillian Glass, world renown communication expert is the original author of the best-selling book since 1995 Toxic People. Through the popularity of this book she coined the phrase “toxic people” used in today’s vernacular. There are people who make your life miserable- a spouse, a parent, lover, friend. boss, or co-worker or even people with whom you do business. They can make you feel inadequate, worthless, causing emotional and physical distress. Dr. Glass has categorized 30 types of these “Toxic Terrors” from the “The Opportunistic User” ,”The Control Freak “, “The Me Myself and I Narcissist”,”The Instigator”, “The Meddler”, The Arrogant Know-It-All ” “The Wishy Washy Wimp”,and the “Liar” to name a few. Not all of these Toxic Terrors are toxic to everyone, They may just be Toxic to you personally. Dr. Glass gives you simple strategies to find out who is specifically specifically toxic to YOU. Not only does she help you identify the Toxic People in your life, she also provides 10 proven techniques for successfully dealing with them, including: Tension-Blowout, Unplugging, Direct Confrontation, Humor, Giving Them Love and Kindness,Mirroring and other techniques.
This book provides answers to the age old problem of how to deal with and heal from anyone who has caused havoc in your life and made it miserable.

Glass, Lillian

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