Ghasemi, Reza


Reza Ghasemi was born in 1328 in Varnamkhasht , Isfahan. At the age of 6, he was diagnosed with acute prostate disease and was admitted to the hospital and went into a coma. [ Requires source ] His first work was the play Eclipse , which he wrote at the age of 18 and staged two years later at Tehran University . In 1355, the first prize of Iran’s national television for the best play was awarded to Jahan Shahriar for his work Cho Zahak Zad . Since 1349, at the same time as studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts , he has been writing plays and directing theater and produced works such as Eclipse , Amduroft , undated letters from me to my family and vice versa., and brought the well to the scene. The writing and directing of three plays , Tamshit Room , Mahan Koshiar and Maamai Mahyar Memar are also the result of his activity in the post-revolutionary period. But the working conditions became difficult for him and he emigrated in 1365 and has been living in France since then.

His famous novel called The Night Harmony of the Wood Orchestra was published in America in 1996 and in Iran in 2001 and won him various awards. Ghasemi has been active in the field of Iranian music and has composed and played music such as improvisation in Isfahan and Rast Panjgah .

Ghasemi, Reza

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