Davaran, Habibolah & Behbahani, Farhad


Davaran was a member of the Party of Iran and the National Front of Iran, who joined the Party of Iran in 1324. He had a doctorate in medicine and worked as a teacher in Rasht and Anzali. He established Aftab Pharmacy in Rasht. Habibaullah Davaran became the first governor of Gilan after the revolution from 1358/11/28 to 1358/11/10; In his policies for governing the province, he implemented the people selected for the governorship positions, etc., based on expertise and localism. selected.
He was one of the founders of the Society for the Defense of Freedom and Sovereignty of the Iranian Nation, led by Bazargan and Dr. Ali Ardalan in 1985, and was arrested by government order after the publication of an open letter to Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, known as the 90-signature letter.
In this book, Dr. Davaran describes how he was arrested and then transferred to the Joint Committee, which is now called “Tawhid Detention Center,” and how many interrogation sessions he transferred to Evin, his trial, and his release. In total, Mr. Davaran spends 9 months in prison, and “Haji Agha”, which is the title of the book, is the title of the referee’s soldier. The book was later banned from publication, and five influential people were prosecuted for publishing it.


Rahad Behbahani holds a PhD in Chemistry and is a former member of the Central Council of the Freedom Movement and the Council of the Society for the Defense of Freedom and Sovereignty of the Iranian Nation.

He was arrested and imprisoned in 1990 for writing a letter to Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (known as the 90-signature letter). In his book Two Memories of Prison, he describes the prison and the interrogations that took place about him. In this book, he also describes the torture and harassment of Dr. Abedi, the methods of obtaining a television confession, and compiling and correcting and recording television interviews, under the guidance and presence of Hossein Shariatmadari as a soldier.

His diary was compiled by the prosecutor’s office after publication, and the publisher and staff of the Ministry of Guidance, who had given it permission, were summoned to the prosecutor’s office, and a lawsuit was filed.

He was also arrested again in 2006 after writing a description of his arrest and imprisonment in a book called I Became a Guest Again. Behbahani is one of the people who have Islamic modernist tendencies and was one of the companions of Seyyed Mostafa Hosseini Tabatabai during the Hajj trip in 1998.

(From: Wikipedia)

Davaran, Habibolah & Behbahani, Farhad

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