Chera mardan goush nemidahand va zanan nemitavanand naghshe bekhanannd

چرا مردان گوش نمی دهند و زنان نمی توانند نقشه بخوانند


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Book number: 6979 Book Author: Peas, Barbara/Peas, Allen (پیز، باربارا / پیز، آلن )ISBN: 964-8277-68-0 Categories: ,
Additional Information
Book Number 6979
Original title Why men do`t listen and women can`t read maps
Book Author Peas, Barbara/Peas, Allen
Compiler -
Translator Rashid, Nahid/Goldar, Nasrin
Category ,
ISBN 964-8277-68-0
Publisher Asim Publishing
Published place Tehran
Published date 1383
Edition Second Edition
Volume 1
Cover type Soft cover
Pages 315
Language Farsi
نام کتاب چرا مردان گوش نمی دهند و زنان نمی توانند نقشه بخوانند
نویسنده/مولف پیز، باربارا / پیز، آلن
نام مترجم رشید , ناهید / گلدار , نسرین
نام ناشر آسیم
گردآورنده -
تاریخ انتشار 1383
محل انتشار Tehran
تعداد جلد 1
تعداد صفحات 315
زبان فارسی
نوع-جلد جلد نرم
شابک 964-8277-68-0

چرا مردان گوش نمی دهند و زنان نمی توانند نقشه بخوانند

این جلد به بررسی تفاوت های زیربنایی مغز زن مطلق و مرد مطلق می پردازد و نشان می دهد چطور بسیاری از این تفاوت های ریشه به تکامل انسان دوران یخبندان برمی گردد. تست خوبی هم دارد که به شما کمک می داند پیدا کنید در فاصله بین زن مطلق و مرد مطلق در چه فاصله ای از هر دو قرار دارید. بنظر می رسد فرایند تکامل این دو گونه بمرور دارد توانایی آنها را بهم نزدیک می کند.

Chera mardan goush nemidahand va zanan nemitavanand naghshe bekhanannd

`Let`s look at the thoughts, attitudes, and emotions, as they`re experienced, in their very different ways, by men and women`. This is one of Allan Pease`s chirpy gear-changes in this provocatively titled book. Then he begins to ruminate: men and women live in the same world, but they experience it as if they came from two different worlds. Boys like things, girls like people. Every boy wants to be in a gang, and wants a gun; every girl has her best friend, with whom she shares her secrets. Men want status and power, women want love. It`s amazing, he concludes, that they can ever live together. Well, yes, and that living together is a pretty fraught business, though he doesn`t seem keen to go too deeply into that: this psychology, with its frequent allusions to research and its jokey little dramatisations, is upbeat feelgood stuff, which is why it`s made him such a fortune on three continents. `Listen to this!` he`ll say, then on comes an Aussie squabble, the woman berating a husband whose grunts proclaim the fact that he`s not listening. But to sell four million copies of a book about body language–in 33 different languages–means Pease and his wife Barbara must be getting something right. There are many scientifically-documented facts about the difference between the sexes, and Pease is selling them with a smile to an ever-growing public

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